Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

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Ese Curtis
·Oct 23, 2022·

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Impostor Syndrome is a disorder that affects people who are constantly performing under the pressure of being underestimated, but over time it causes a lot of issues. It comes up when developers have to face technical challenges in their work.

So, In this article i will give you points on how to overcome this syndrome in no time number 3 is my best!

Being a developer is great. It’s fun, it’s fulfilling and it makes you feel good about yourself. However, developers feel a bit down in the dumps sometimes.

have you ever said to yourself ‘‘ I don't always feel like I'm smart enough, good enough or capable enough.’’ or something similar?

We may go through periods of coding depression where we feel overwhelmed or low in confidence about our ability to code well. The good news is these feelings are completely normal, and as developers we have plenty of resources to help us get out of this slump!

Nevertheless I've put together 4 ways i use to get out of this syndrome which are:

Spend alot of the syndrome period around people and seek help from a mentor or experienced developer. Speak confidence to yourself every chance you get. Congratulate yourself for small wins over bugs. Stay away from people or developers who down talk you. Overall always make sure you get out of that box and be the best you can be of yourself and trust me you'll do very well 🚀.

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